About Hongtai Copywriting Center

Established by an authority

The copywriting center of Shengtai Jinghong Overseas Group was established by the Guangdong Provincial Study Abroad Service Association, a 5A-level social organization with legal personality, initiated by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education and approved by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Civil Affairs.

Professional elite team

The teachers in the Copywriting Center have 5-15 years of experience in the study abroad industry, are familiar with the application strategies and skills of universities in various countries, and have excellent translation and document quality, which are widely acclaimed.

Personalized customized solutions

Refuse to be templated. According to the applicant's own advantages, experience, and the characteristics of the major applied for, we will deeply explore the shining points of the students, refine the essence of the content, and help to stand out.

Rich practical experience

The Hongtai copywriting team has so far provided 10,000+ applicants with copywriting support for studying abroad. Each copywriting is "Global Office", with a success rate of 99% and excellent customer reviews.

Strict execution process

The Copywriting Center treats every customer demand and provides services in accordance with the four principles of "transparency in service processes, strict control of key points, specific service standards, and refunds if the requirements are not met".

TOP colleges have a high success rate

The Copywriting Center is good at helping students apply for world-class universities and popular majors. In addition, it also actively helps many applicants to obtain scholarships to achieve a cost-effective and high-quality study abroad experience.

Main Service Content

  • Clerical Guidance

  • School Application

  • Visa Application

  • Apply For Planning

  • Scholarship Application

  • Translation Service

  • Follow-up Service Abroad

Full coverage of different levels

Full coverage of different levels
  • Primary School
  • Junior High
  • Preparatory
  • Undergraduate
  • Master
  • PhD

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