about us


The entry-exit business company of Shengtai Jinghong Overseas Group has provided immigration and overseas asset allocation services for more than 1,000 families for 19 years and has an excellent reputation.

It is the first legal institution in Dongguan that has been approved by the Ministry of Public Security and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, and issued by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Public Security the "Immigration for Private Entry and Exit Intermediary Qualification Certificate".

Each project is operated by an independent team, from case consultation to document processing and follow-up services. The full-time team is responsible for different links, and is coordinated and connected by dedicated personnel to ensure efficient and high-quality services.

According to customer needs, assist in providing professional team resources such as overseas lawyers, overseas tax accountants, financial consultants, family trust financial planners, etc., and provide one-stop solutions and five-star services throughout the process.

Exclusive or cooperative agent for many investment immigration and real estate projects. Team members have traveled to many countries for exchanges and inspections, and have scientific calculations and cognitions on project evaluation, development, and expected benefits.

It has been repeatedly selected as "Dongguan's Most Reputable Immigration Service Organization", "Dongguan Province Immigration Association and Member Unit for Private Entry and Exit", "Most Publicly Trusted Overseas Service Organization", and has been widely praised by the society and the public.